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Theresa McBride Avatar
Theresa McBride
4/01/2021 - Google

Did a good job.Had a problem a couple weeks after job was completed but they stand behind their word and warrenty very professional would recommend them to others. Thank you

Great Lakes Rebel Gainer Avatar
Great Lakes Rebel Gainer
3/26/2021 - Google

Jeff was honest from the word go. He fixed me for a reasonable price. This garage has earned my transmission business. Hope they can earn yours as well.

Saul Ketelhut Avatar
Saul Ketelhut
2/02/2021 - Google

Well so far so good I'm having my car towed today to multistate for diagnosis and Audrey is very good at setting me up with a tow a getting car diagnosed next week. Will write more once car is diagnosed. Wwell after having my car looked at they ended up having to put a new clutch in my car and since then I've had the car a few weeks I don't drive it much but seems okay they even went above and beyond the work on it by putting two new brand new battery terminals on my car so far so good we'll see how things go this was a 95 Ford escort LX sport I had to have a clutch put in flywheel everything prices were very reasonable can't wait to spring to get the car out and going

Glenn Griesmann Avatar
Glenn Griesmann
11/02/2020 - Google

I highly recommend this facility!!! They do great work and are honest about what needs to be done. I took my car to a different shop when it broke down and they replaced a perfectly fine transmission. When the car was still not running right, I took it to JB DLCO and they diagnosed that it was a bad Catalytic Converter. Audrey and Jeff are fantastic to work with and honest about what needs to be fixed. THEY DO IT THE RIGHT WAY!!!!

David Bledsoe Avatar
David Bledsoe
10/02/2020 - Google

Just have to be patient cov19 we all are going through something 8 days and counting

Gerald Zettel Avatar
Gerald Zettel
9/02/2020 - Google

Great place to have Allison automatic work done

Jeff Defrance Avatar
Jeff Defrance
5/02/2020 - Google

Custom work not a problem fast turn around good price

Jay Parker Avatar
Jay Parker
4/02/2020 - Google

Love these folks great human like ppl very understanding

Jeremy Folgman Avatar
Jeremy Folgman
4/02/2020 - Google

Great place, totally professional, did a great job and finished the job quickly. I would recommend them to anyone. They also had the best warranty in town because they stand behind there work.

Tom Tadrzynski Avatar
Tom Tadrzynski
4/02/2020 - Google

I have used multi state on two occasions and both times the craftsmanship was outstanding. Recently i took a work truck into them because I thought the trans was leaking, within three hours Jeff call back to tell me it was a radiator problem. Less honest shops probably would have told me that the trans needed repair. Transmission work is NOT cheap but with multi state you get quality work. Keep it up!